Control Raspberry Pi with Cayenne via Internet connection


How to control the Raspberry Pi using Cayenne through Internet connections instead of Ethernet connection. I mean, Raspberry Pi can be controlled from anywhere with an Internet connection. Currently, I can only access through the declaration Raspbeery IP address on Cayenne


@leehoai8885 Cayenne can be controlled from anywhere in the world, assuming your Pi has an active internet connection of course :slight_smile:


Can you describe more clearly. How can I active Internet connection on Raspberry Pi? Thanks!


Hey @leehoai8885,

Check out this article, it may help you :slight_smile:



@bestes how to connect my raspberry pi with internet anywhere with internet ?


welcome to the cayenne community @oussama.yadem9. you can follow the tutorial above benny has posted. if you are difficulty somewhere with it, let us know. once you are connected to internet, add a new raspberry pi device to dashboard and run the commands provide, to install cayenne on your raspberry.


thank’s @shramik_salgaonkar for your reponse, but the tutorial you gave me is less rich, can you explain me more clearly (just I want to know how to control my sensors connected with Raspberry pi remotely all over the world through the Cayenne platform)!!

thank you.


you need to do this:

  • have a raspbian stretch install on a fresh SD card.
  • connect your pi to the internet either by using an ethernet cable or wifi.
  • on cayenne dashboard add a new device by navigating into: add new > device/widgets > raspberry pi > this will open a page where you find the command to install cayenne on your pi.
  • run this command on your pi and installation will start (it will take some time).
  • once done with the installation the pi will be rebooted and device will added to your pi.
  • or you can download cayenne app from app store on your mobile and add the pi from theie.


i can Remote access platform Cayenne with board Raspberry Pi anywhere in the World !


Hi @oussama.yadem9:

Unfortunately, that feature is not available in our new Pi Agent 2.0. It seems you are using the old agent. Keep in mind that your device will not work with Cayenne after July 1st. You need to upgrade to Agent 2.0.

See this: Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


Good morning @acedeno

so what are you proposing !!

i want to control raspberry pi (sensors that are related with raspberry pi) with cayenne all over the world via the internet!


Remote Access not visible

you can try any one of this but they are on local network.


Hi @oussama.yadem9 , you can still continue to do so. You can add all your sensors to Cayenne, control and see widgets all over the world. Your Pi will still connect to Cayenne (assuming you upgrade to Agent 2.0). So nothing really changes in that regard. What you won’t be able to do is access the Pi interface through Cayenne dashboard.

You’ll have to use an alternative method like @shramik_salgaonkar points out above. I personally use Windows Remote desktop and putty.


You can also use teamviewer


can you give me all the details of your work on Windows Remote Desktop and Putty.


First setup up SSH on pi
and then install putty


Then what should I do?


you have everything in those two links. what more you want?


using the cayenne interface i want to control my sensors that are connected with raspberry pi any place in the world.

your solution just to access the raspberry pi office not to the sensors data like cayenne.

the purpose of my project pretty clear just: cayenne <===> web (all over the world not a local network) <====> raspberry pi ++ sensors


Can you give me an example about what you mean by control the sensor.