Value dispay error IOS and Andriod app

When reading an A to D converter in my Raspberry Pi, in this case a MCP3208 setup to measure voltage, the Android and IOS versions don’t read the voltage correctly even though the pc version does. In this case Vref is 3.3v, I have tied ch6 input to 3.3v, it reads 3.3v on my laptop, but reads 1.0 on the Android / IOS app. I have tried this on a number of IOS and android devices and the bug appears on all of them.

Also when setting up a channel input on Cayenne you get the option of setting the decimal place between 1 decimal place and 5 but Cayenne only appears to read to 2 decimal places. If for example you select 4 decimal places, it will only read the MCP3208 in 2 decimal places and it just puts 2 zeros on the end.