IOS App Displaying Temperature and Humidity Data units as Analog

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Raspberry Pi Zero W

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Both Web (Google Chrome) and IOS App

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When Viewing Project on the web I get the Temperature and Humidity Data (From DHT11 Sensor) in the correct units.

See Image Below

However, when viewing on the mobile app (ios) I get the units as Analog… The graphing is also not correct on the app, but lets start with why my units say Analog. I have tried going to settings and changing them, but after a short period of time it goes back to showing units as “Analog”.

Are you using the correct data type to send data? can you share the code you are using.

Hi, temperature and humidity works on my end, however I have issue with DSM501A sensor for particle matter.

I am using NodeMCU with Arduino IDE and ESP8266 library for Cayenne. I am sending data to Cayenne using virtualWrite command with data type as “pm” and unit as “mg” as given in Cayenne documentation.

On the web dashboard I can see the units and correct data type but on the app it just says “Value”.

Also according to data type table I should be able to use either value, gauge or graph widgets with this data type but the only one that is working is Value Widget (website but iOS also). I have no option popping up when I click on “Settings” to change it to gauge or graph.

The icon for PM2.5 does not work on iOS.

Anyway, it’s a great job you guys do. :slight_smile:

let me check the issue with pm2 on IOS.

The pm2 data type is currently not supported on the IOS app.

Ok, thanks for quick reply. Is it maybe one of the items planned for release in near future?

yes. but will not be done soon.