W5100 vs w5500


sorry, I have an atrocious doubt …
same scketch same arduino changing the w5100 ethernet shield with the arduino w5500 goes marvelous, faster, never crashes, reconnects if it loses connection or crashes.

can you tell me why? are the cards so different? is the w5500 qualitatively superior to make this improvement?


Hi Massimo
Yes, IIRC, the w5500 has better performance than w5100.


other more detailed news?


Hi Massimo, I’m not sure I follow your question. If you need to know more about specific hardware, I’d suggest you look into those devices’ forums and related. While we do bring support for several type of devices so you can use them with Cayenne, we don’t have direct support for the hardware itself.

It is possible that w5100 is faulty and that was leading to crashes. Also, there has been some w5100 that are Chinese clones that will not work properly. See https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=351477.30.