Website update?

My desktop has changed. All widgets are now a different style. Seems to be totally random. Widget that were gauges are now charts, that sort of thing. Any update if this will stay this way?

Same - lost all my desktops - values all zeros - was fine earlier???

We are doing a website update. Your widgets will be back to normal in the next hour.

The REST API system also not working. I can get authorized, but cannot access sensors. And all the projects are gone.

I assume it is the same issue as above.

We need to finish a migration for projects and we will look into the REST API.

Hello @acedeno. may i know when the REST API would get back to normal (roughly), please? as we are using this API too for work.

now we can get the access_token, but when we use it to generate thing id or command actuator from api, it returns :slight_smile:

{“message”:“No credentials found for given ‘iss’”}

thanks for the effort.

cannot give an ETA on this. The team is working on it right now.

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@jameszahary @kingccf can you share the code you are using, so we can try and reproduce at our end what is the issue.

Download, enable editing and macros, enter user/pass, and …

Step 1 - get credentials - seems to work
Step 2 - get_things() - returns this http below - I do not recall this “iss” comment from the debugging

{"message":"No credentials found for given ‘iss’"}

It seems to deliver a bad access_token.

If you paste the access token into

… it prints out my email and user numbers, but ends with “Invalid signature”.



i use nodejs to send HTTP POST. but you can send HTTP POST directly ( i use “Postman”) to reproduce this issue:

header : Authorization : Bearer “access_token”
( please change "access_token)


{“name”: “My Gateway”,
“description”: “A sample gateway”,
“version”: “v1.0”,
“manufacturer”: “Example Inc.”,
“codec”: “”,
“parent_constraint”: “NOT_ALLOWED”,
“child_constraint”: “ALLOWED”,
“category”: “module”,
“subcategory”: “sample”,
“transport_protocol”: “someprotocol”}

hope this can be solved soon. as we have lots of products using this project, and our customers are complaining now!

thanks for the effort !

thanks @jameszahary @kingccf we will look into it.

Hi, I have a feeling that I might be having this issue too, I’m getting a 500 internal server error when accessing the values of my sensors via postman, I was able to get a token but wasn’t able to fetch the data using that token, it only gives a 500 internal server error message

@deltasierra23 we are looking into this issue.

I also have this response to GET request :
{“message”:“No credentials found for given ‘iss’”}

@BQ_SNIR team is looking into this issue. will let you know once fixed.