All my widgets gone

So having tried to enable spi, I had to reformat and reload the entire OS on the pi. I finally got the Raspberry pi restarted. I then deleted and re-installed the app on my phone because it appeared to be stalled, and was asking me to wait a moment for over an hour after it had searched for and found a pi on my network and had successfully installed Cayenne. Now although I can see the project I originally had, all the widgets are gone, even from the Raspberry device. I do not have an arduino pending, so it is not the same thing as last time. Is that normal? Do I have to redo the entire project? I thought it would be stored server side, not on my phone. Any help?

Hi again. I hope you don’t mind, but in the interest of time and giving a better response I tried the same credentials you shared a couple days ago and they still worked.

When I logged in, I don’t see your projects at all (on web or iOS). Not talking about the widgets that compose them, but the project container itself. Did you delete them in the time between your post and my response? The projects are indeed stored server side and simply sync to your phone.

I deleted the entire project.

Understood, squares with what I saw anyway. As to what it sounds like you saw before, the widgets in the project are indeed tied to the parent device entry on your account, so if you deleted that Pi from your account and re-installed Cayenne on it, I’d expect the widgets associated with it to have been lost from the project.