Wemos d1 mini ds18b20 temp sensor +OLED 128x64


Wemos D1 mini that display DS18B20 temp on OLED and Cayenne dashboard

  1. What you need:
  • Wemos D1 mini
  • DS18B20 temp sensor
  • OLED 128x64
  • 4.7 K resistor
  • 330 Ohm resistor
  • LED
    You can connect a relay instead of LED




  1. Add a new device
  • Device/Widget
  • Add new
  • Select generic ESP8266

cay_d1mini_ds18b20_copy.txt (1.8 KB)

  • Enter your MQTT username, password and ClientID into your code
  • Upload the code to Wemos D1mini
  • Wait for the board to connect to Cayenne.
  • After connecting to Cayenne, you should see this on the Cayenne Dashboard.

  • Click on + to add widget to the dashboard
  • Edit the widget and complete settings
  1. Adding button to control LED
  • Add new
  • Device/Widget
  • Custom Widgets
  • Button

  • Fill in the form
  • Click Add widget

Hope this can help
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nice tutorial @Bernard