What features does Cayenne offer?

My first experience with Cayenne was medium disappointing.

It took me quite a while to find how to setup an ESP32 microcontroller (Your website just mentions ESP8266)

The tutorial about ESP32 did not explain some important details.

The search-function failed completely.

Not even a “Sorry no matches found” was shown. Just a white empty space.

So now I’m pretty strong biased that user-friendlyness documentation ist NOT your strength and
user-friendly documentation is something that Cayenne does NOT care about.

So I will not search for these informations on myself but I ask here:

  1. Does Cayenne offer data-transmission from µC “A” to µC “B” over the internet?

  2. Does Cayenne offer a smartphone App for Android that can show the user-defined elements to control the µC?

  3. Does Cayenne include Email-Notification?

  4. Post a direct link. Where can I read a tutorial about how to design the smartphone interface?

best regards Stefan

Question 1 2 and 4 are not available on cayenne.

You can find all the features cayenne offer here Cayenne Docs