Widget and on off event


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

I´m using the web page ´cause none of my apps do not work :frowning: (android or ios)

  • I update the myDevices on my pi like you have info on your webpage.

I can´t make an event like on/off to my LED ´cause it comes on action only “reboot” or shutdown.

I notice that on shutdown putton you can choose on/off :slight_smile:

Have those change places or…

So what can I do ?


Hi lasse:

If I understand correctly, you want to create a trigger the turns on/off an LED if X condition happens, correct?
To troubleshoot this issue, I would suggest deleting the LED from the dashboard, then add it again through the web wizard.

Then create a new trigger and let us know if it shows up now. I have a similar setting and it is working here.

@acedeno he is referring to scheduling which will be out on next update. @lasse have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


  • Yep I did.
  • Installed raspi and cayenne, LED and so, twice or more, so I was trying to find out if I made an mistake.
  • But I did. Not this worked before 2.0 but now just on the web page. on/off. Like to but some event, but it does not work :frowning:

Like to Use Cayenne, but …


@lasse events are currently not supported on raspberry pi agent 2.0


Thanks for A, so we all wait :slight_smile: