Widgets/GPIO Map and Charts Not working

Hi, I am using Pi 3model B running Raspbian 9. These issues are on both the web and the IOS app.

It appears that the CPU usage, temperature, and memory widgets that were pre-set up work to display current values, but there is no data in the charts (other than live data). The shutdown and restart widgets seem to work. When I make my own widgets, they do not respond to changes in GPIO inputs. I have not used any widgets for output, but I did use the GPIO map to activate an output (from the IOS app), which worked (as in the output was activated) but there was no indication of a change on the map it just showed the “thinking” symbol. The GPIO map does not update to show changes in input states, even if I leave the page and return.



all the default widget do not hold any history data.

we are looking into this issue, thanks for reporting it.

what do you mean by this? can you provide more detail.

Hi Shramik,

For the GPIO map I mean that it doesn’t change to show changes in the inputs. The normal state of each input is displayed correctly, but if I change any of them the changes don’t show up.

Also, you didn’t respond to my biggest issue which is that none of the widgets I have made myself (just simple 0/1 indicators) work. They do not change when inputs change.



you mean it shows correctly in the widget but not in the GPIO tab?

It does not show correctly anywhere. I have not been able to make the widgets change state at all. The GPIO map will change states to match reality on the IOS app if I completely close the app and then open it again with the input in the new state. Otherwise they do not change to match the actual state of the input.

i am having a bit difficulty understanding your issue:

you have two input widget on your dashboard (Patio Door and Motion).

  1. does both widget show state change on your web dsahboard?
  2. does both widget show state change on your IOS app?

regarding the issue with GPIO tab not showing state change we are looking into it.

The widgets don’t do anything. They never respond to a change of state in either the IOS app or the web interface.

dashboard widget is working fine on IOS and web dashboard for me. how did you add the widget, can you elaborate the steps performed.