Wind speed, wind direction, rain collector payload format

Hello everyone, I have the Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Rainfall sensor and I used multitech-mdot. can anyone tell me which cayenne lpp payload format is appropriate for sending those sensor data?
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cayenne does not have a special data type for the above-mentioned sensor. But you can send all the data on the default analog input cayenneLPP datatype.

thanks for your help, I did that wind directio defined as analog, wind speed and rain collector are counter and connected to interrupt pin, but how can I show them in the cayenne ? the dashboard appears as an analog output. for example, I want it to look like a wind direction

Not sure i understood what you want.

Sorry, for wind direction, I sent it through analog out payload format but the dashboard appears as an analog output. I want it to look like a wind direction. Is it clear now?

When you say wind direction, do you mean to show it as North/South… direction?


there is no direct way to do these. But you can program your device so that it sends data on the digital Input cayenneLPP type.

for example

if wind direction is North then send value 1 on channel 1 with digital cayenneLPP type
if wind direction is South then send value 1 on channel 2 with digital cayenneLPP type

these way you can have digital status 1 or 0 on the dashbaord for the respective wind direction.

I will try it, many thanks for your cooperation

Hello again dear, can I send a text through cayenne lpp? For example North or South?

You cant send text with cayennelPP

How? I’m using arm mbed for multitech mdot, I can only send an integer value

you cannot send text. CayennLPP does not support it.

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