Agent 2.0 upgrade


Hello, sorry ahead of time for the dumb question. How do I upgrade my RaspberryPis to the Pi agent 2.0?


on the dashboard go to : add new > device/widget > raspberry pi > and type the command in the ssh terminal.


Ok, is it best to start over with a new SD card image or can you use one that’s already connected to Cayenne?


it is recommended to start on new sd-card.


After doing this i still get the old agent.

Made a fresh stretch light sdcard and added it as a new device and it still ends up with the old agent any ideas?


what do you mean with old agent?


When i log on to the cayenne website after newly adding my pi, i still get the popup that its using the legacy version and when i check it on the webpage it still sais its using Agent Version


And not even run apt-get update/upgrade before Cayenne install, because then it will crash with the newer Python version.


Hello, is the DS18B20 still supported automatically with the 2.0 agent?


yes it should be. have a look at this


Ok, haven’t been able to get it to work. Is the new RaspberryPi 3 B+ supported?


yes. what is problem you are facing.


Just trying to add the ds18b20 but it doesn’t come up after connecting to the GPIO and booting.


hold on, there seems to be some bug with agent 2.0. will notify once it is solved.