Cayenne Raspberry PI agent update

I just saw by installing a new RAspberry PI that the current version of the agent is

I have already 2 systems running and they are currently on version and

I already had got the issue that the systems didn’t upgrade themself and I received the following procedure before

Can you try deleting the folder at etc/myDevices/updates and restarting the agent by running sudo service myDevices restart ? Then give it several minutes and see if it updates

If I want to use this procedure I have a problem that the folder doesn’t exist and I don’t know how I should do it now

can you check what is version on your pi etc/myDevices/AppSettings.ini

Sorry for late reply,

checked and on the 2 system the /etc/myDevices/AppSettings.ini file shows the following version
Version =

So the problem is on the dashboard which is showing the wrong version

thanks for showing me were I can find the version, will this be solved in the dashboard


yes, it will be fixed.