RPi update 2.0 cayenne agent to latest version

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How do we need to update the cayenne agent on a already running system with a previous 2.0 agent

I have 2 systems running at this moment but they use 2 different version of the 2.0 agent, the one with the older version is regularly blocking and not updating the dashboard anymore.

The 2nd one with a newer agent version doesn’t has this problem and for this I would like to have the latest version on the problematic device.

Thanks in advance

PS: can’t build a new one as it is used to control a pond of 27m3 ( pumps, air pumps, uv lights, …)


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Updates should happen automatically so there may be some issue with the updater on one of your devices. What is the full version of the agent on each device? Can you provide the /var/log/myDevices/cayenne.log and /var/log/myDevicesSetup files from the device that isn’t updating?

the agent version of the one with problem =
the newest one =

requested files attached

myDevicesSetup.txt (13.9 KB)

for the cayenne.log file, I’m not able to upload the file (67MB), I have zipped it, and changed the zip ext to .txt, to be able to open the file, please rename it back to .zip and extract the zip file.
cayenne.log.txt (2.3 MB)

I see some memory errors and an issue with another update in process. Can you try deleting the folder at etc/myDevices/updates and restarting the agent by running sudo service myDevices restart? Then give it several minutes and see if it updates. If it doesn’t please send the new cayenne.log file. You don’t need to include the cayenne.log.*.bz2 files.

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After following your steps the device has updated the agent version to the last one, the same as my other device

Thanks for you support


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