Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


I understand and agree with you, but given the time constraint, it was a painful decision to make. The upside and intention with the new agent, and being a standard communication protocol, will allow us to avoid situations like this in the future.


espero la actualización lo antes posible y gracias por la implicación y por su trabajo


Hi, great Job!

Any news about the use of the camera?



@sergiohmo no news yet on camera, team is working on it, Till then you can try something like this Take picture when motion with Pi 3 and Agent 2.0 CayenneMQTTClient() and notify by email - how to trigger a script on Pi 3



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One of the great virtues of the previous version was the programming of tasks … I hope they do not take long in this bug … it would be too much to ask to be able to program in fractions of time? in minutes?


are you referring to scheduler/event?


yes, actually it is not possible to program on and off any device by sheduling…


we will have scheduling feature fix in upcoming days.