Happy Holidays - New Cayenne Release!

This is probably the biggest release of all and with lot’s of new cool features and improvements. We hope that with this release you can make great projects and ideas come to life using Cayenne. Many thanks to our amazing team:
@jburhenn @eptak @afarmer @jnacci @acedeno @shramik_salgaonkar @averdes @pabloepi @jdu @Nareeng

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: :christmas_island: :sparkler: :gift:


  • Pi Agent Plugin Framework
  • REST API Improvements
  • Scheduler for Pi
  • GSM Support for Arduino
  • Sense HAT Support for Pi Agent 2.0

Release Notes

Pi Agent 2.0.3.xx

  • Actuators store value and restore it after reboot
  • Agent includes the script for querying API for available data types and units.

Pi Plugin Framework:

  • Developed a framework to support community driven plugins for new sensors/extensions.

Extension Plugins:

We created a few plugins to support some popular sensors/extensions and types, and can serve as a template for new community created plugins.

Sense HAT Support for Pi Agent 2.0

  • Now show Sense HAT data on the cayenne dashboard, which allows your Raspberry Pi to sense the world around it.
  • Accelerometer widget.
  • Temperature widget.
  • Barometric pressure widget.
  • Humidity widget.
  • A button widget to display the cayenne logo on 8×8 RGB LED matrix.
  • A slider widget to show value on 8×8 RGB LED matrix.
  • Cayenne Sense HAT Plugin. GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-sensehat: A Sense HAT plugin for Cayenne

Note: You can fork the plugin to change what the LED matrix displays.


  • Brought back Event Scheduler Support for Raspberry Pi
  • Fixed issue where scheduler was not allowed if devices was added as an Arduino device.


  • Updated Cayenne REST API for custom web and mobile app development! You can access this API through the green ‘Create App’ button at the top of the web dashboard. Read more about this new API (Cayenne Docs)

GSM support for Arduino.

  • Now connect to Cayenne using a GSM device in remote places without the need of a WIFi.
  • All Cayenne features for Arduino are compatible with GSM device.
    It is based on TinyGSM library, so all supported devices by TinyGSM library are supported by Cayenne.

Bugs Fixed:

Pi Agent

  • Remove remnants of old installation when existing offline Pi is removed/re-added as a new device.
  • Decrease data sent by Pi agent
  • Prevent real-time messages from going over the rate limit.


  • UI fixes
  • show date and time on the x-axis of the line chart.
  • app crashed when clicked on a freshly installed pi agent
  • pi agents widgets reappear as temporary widgets when deleted from the app.
  • Sensor added from app does not have the correct unit type which results in trigger failing when setting up from the web
  • Auto logout from the account.
  • PI GPIO Tab issue.
  • Pi agent device widget shows zero at the beginning.
  • App stops responding when setting the trigger.
  • Add Loading state to Button widget
  • Pi agent actuator widget when changed, goes into a wait state.
  • Trigger visible even after deleting it.
  • Slider sync issue between App and web dashboard


  • UI fixes
  • New authentication engine.
  • Fixes related to actuators.
  • Improvements on devices’ state.
  • Show widgets type drop-down ordering fix.
  • Dashboard widgets reordering.
  • App Store review alerts.
  • Bug fixes when adding BMP180 Pressure & Temperature sensors.
  • Sensors can set channel manually for Arduino devices.
  • Slider widget bug fix and improvements.


  • Data view shows duplicate data sets.
  • Various chart issue fixed.
  • Better format for csv from graphs.
  • Fix/csv download for graphs.
  • Dashboard Chart Widget: History not showing using 1-month filter
  • Pressure widget unit issue.
  • Data view shows duplicate data sets.

Known Bugs:

  • Project Scheduling tab doesn’t show the Scheduler/events. A workaround is to change the event calendar via “Add New” > “event”

  • Project Data Tab only shows data from 1 device. We are investigating this issue.