Cayenne Product Update with New Feature and Bug Fixes

New! Triggers and Alerts Watch Video

Hi Cayenne Community! We wanted to release our Triggers and Alerts feature to you to have a sneak peek. We’re still working on a few things, but it’s stable enough for you all to take a look. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Create triggers and set up threshold alerts from events that occur on your Raspberry Pi and connected devices. For example, you can send a text message when the temperature goes above a threshold, or turn on a light when motion is detected.
We need your feedback! Make sure to post bugs, let us know if you get stuck somewhere, and especially let us know if you have some ideas how to make Triggers & Alerts even better.

Bug Fixes
Fixed ADS1015 extension channels not appearing in the GPIO view after adding the device.
Fixed Pi going offline for no apparent reason.
Fixed widget multiplying on a dashboard.
Fixed time-out warnings incorrectly appearing on the dashboard.
Fixed PCA9685 GPIO view not working. The sliders should now work as intended.
Fixed the ‘digital input’ widget.

Cayenne will now automatically restart after initial installation. This is feature eliminates manual restart of the Pi.
Decreased the installation time of the Cayenne agent onto the Pi.
Implemented a servo widget. When adding a servo, please use the ‘Servo’ widget.
Enabled user to edit the widget settings (click the cog wheel on an individual widget).
Time-out warning message has been updated for clarity.


What’s the new Agent Version, and is the update automatic?
If not, how do we perform the update?

My Pi seems to have gone offline and restarting it or the services individually dont seem to help.

Paul H

Hi Paul,

Updates are automatic…or at least they should be…do you think you could email me your account login info so I can have our team debug? If you’d rather not, no worries.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue, the update should be automatic. Please can you check the version in your RaspberryPi settings page. The Version of the Agent should be Please let us know if it is otherwise and we will troubleshoot it from there.


I seem to get the same issue Paul has. I have a bug thread open for the current issue of my pi not connecting after an update, but this is the 2nd or 3rd time my Pi has lost connection after an update. My pi hasn’t been connected for a week or so.

Yikes, did you try ‘sudo service myDevices restart’ and ‘sudo service webiopi restart’?

Yep, its over here if you have any ideas


It’s running Agent Version so it looks like this one must have failed before the latest update.

Paul H

Hi Paul

Thank you for the information I will file a bug and we will have someone investigate this issue.



I have checked your account and there is no PI online.
The update feature is fixed and ready in latest agent version.
You should manually reinstall the agent.
Please try to remove the pi from the account and re-add as new PI/controller. Running new setup will be required.

This also fixed other issues like:

Hi Paul,

Looks like we had an update issue that would surface with the agent version you had. Going through a new install will get you the latest version and you should be receiving the automatic updates thereafter. Do me a favor, let me know if this comes up again where you don’t get an update please!