Release Notes May 10, 2016 (Pi Agent and Android App Update)

Release Notes May 10, 2016

Agent version
Android app version 1.0.1

Agent Fixes/Enhancements

  • Remote Desktop Fixes

Android App Fixes/Enhancements

  • Added functionality for Discovery to manually search for device by IP.

  • Improved UX for both the initial discovery process as well as the “Home” discovery process, including ability to manually search for a device by IP from Home.

  • Bug Fixes for scenarios where manually scanning for a Pi on the Network was not finding the Pi.

  • Bug Fix for Server Error when accessing Alert & Trigger page.

  • Bug Fix for Server Error when toggling an Alert & Trigger on/off.

  • Bug Fix for two-state devices not registered correctly.

I continue to get the “waiting for the remote computer” error when trying to connect remote. Today’s update indicates fixes were made. Am i missing something? It appears that it is supposed to update automatically