Cayenne Linux Agent Open Sourced!


Cayenne Agent

Have you ever wanted to use the Cayenne agent on boards other than the Raspberry Pi? Now you can!

The Cayenne agent is a full featured client for the Cayenne IoT project builder. It sends system information as well as sensor and actuator date and responds to actuator messages initiated from the Cayenne dashboard and mobile apps. The Cayenne agent currently supports Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi but it can be extended to support additional Linux flavors and other platforms.

You can get started by going to myDevices cayenne-agent Github page and look at the README.

The Cayenne agent is an open source project and welcomes your contributions, including:

  • Bug reports and fixes
  • Documentation improvements
  • Additional sensor/actuator support
  • Additional board support
  • Other code enhancements

If you plan on using the Cayenne agent on a device other than the Raspberry Pi, let me know please!


GPIO dashboard
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WOOHOO! :grin:


WoW :slight_smile:


Intel Edison for arduino ? I will try that! :slight_smile:


Orang pi plus 2, droid xu4??? Possible no.


Yeah I think should be possible. Orange Pi plus 2 for sure.



Tomorrow I will test on PcDuino v2 - this is a linux platform with arduino emulated pins. I will update you soon if something is running :slight_smile:


Sounds good let us know how it goes!


Hey, Could you please post a tutorial for intel Edison? I have some troubles when I am trying to install Cayenne Agent using apt-get command as described in the GitHub guide.


Hello, I have also no success. I will keep trying but these days I have to study for exam :frowning:


I connect the Edison board and successful upload a temperature from Groove shield sensor, but with using PYTHON and “bring your mqtt device”

Tomorrow I will try with node.js :slight_smile:


Good to know that. How did you get the client installed on Edison without apt-get command?


I install only the cayenne-mqtt library with the command: pip install cayenne-mqtt

This is my code:

import cayenne.client
import time
from upm import pyupm_grove as grove


client = cayenne.client.CayenneMQTTClient()

temp = grove.GroveTemp(1)

while True:
    celsius = temp.value()
    fahrenheit = celsius * 9.0/5.0 + 32.0;
    print("%d degrees Celsius, or %d degrees Fahrenheit" \
        % (celsius, fahrenheit))
    client.celsiusWrite(1, celsius)


You have left username and password?


Phahha :smiley: yes… sorry! I do this all the time, since I am multitasking and work in the same time :slight_smile:


It’s no problem to me… but someone could abuse it.


Yes, someone can overflow my device :frowning:


what is my problem?

root@edison:~# pip install cayenne-mqtt
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/pip”, line 5, in
from pkg_resources import load_entry_point
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pkg_resources’


can you try to upgrade the platform software ?