Shceduler troubleshooting



  1. Well my scheduler switch on and off some relays, specific times every day, unfortunately none of them works, i also add and notification to these events but i don’t get any notification still. The scheduler also doesn’t work in another account i have.
  2. Another problem i have lately is that i can not logon to the community account, please see the attached picture for clarification. *1
  3. I have also noticed that some of my boards seems to be offline from the dashboard and i am not able to control a relay for example, but other values are updated normally (i.e temperature sensor). Today i also managed to switch on some relays even though my board seems to be offline in the dashboard. I have four boards in the same network if this information is needed. *2



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Could you send those screenshots to so I can see them. Unfortunately the forum software, while it allows you to reply to posts from email, doesn’t have a way to carry over email attachments to the posts here.


Also could you let us know if those board are connected via the ‘Arduino’ option or the MQTT/Bring Your Own Thing option, @ufrtgr ?


Via the Arduino option.


Thanks for all of the detail here. For the Arduino offline issue, this has our QA reproducing it already, so first step towards squashing whatever is wrong here.

For the forum login, this is tied via single sign-in to our website login, can you try logging out and then back in to the web dashboard and then try the community login again? If it still persists, try clearing cache and cookies in your browser and then attempting the same again.



Have not tested for a while but will try. If there are any issues I will let you know. Thanks for all effort.

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