Trigger not working

i m using following component for my project:

  1. node mcu esp8266
  2. wemos d1 mini
  3. 5v relay
  4. water detector

i m using web dashboard.

i have successfully connected the water sensor and the relay. last two days even the trigger was working but today the trigger is not working.


I have same problem,

Can we see your code pls. that might help in debuging.



Hi @shramik_salgaonkar @t.e.mathiasen,

I’ve verified that Arduino triggers are working a global sense. However, we did just have a major backend change on Tuesday. If your triggers were working after that, it’s probably not related to that change, but if that seems like when they stopped working, then I think it would be smart to delete and re-create the triggers and see if that helps.

I don’t think the code on your side would affect the triggers firing – so long as the dashboard is seeing the trigger conditions, all of the logic in firing the trigger is on our cloud server. Can I ask if you have email or SMS notifications associated with the non-firing triggers? It’s good to have at least one type of notification for troubleshooting, this way, you can see if the server thinks the trigger fired (sent the notification message), even if what you expect to happen in your actual wiring didn’t happen. This can help separate wiring/code issues from Cayenne issues.

thank you @rsiegel
today the trigger has again started to work. it might be some problem with the server.
one more thing sir, when using alert to send a message. i am from India, so do i have to add any code(+91) before my contact number and do you all charge some cost for the message?

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