2 state widget not updated

Hi all,
I’m using a simple ESP8266 board with a push button using NodeMCU firmware and MQTT.

I’m facing a strange behaviour: when i pass from 1 to 0 the icon on web dashborad is updated correctly but viceversa is not working and i’ve to refresh the page. I tried with Firefox and Crome with same results. Even the graph is not updated until refresh


Hi @mario.pucci,

This is known bug that we will fix! Thank you for reporting, I will update you when we are able to push a fix for this. Hang in there!


Would you mind testing this again when you have time? No hurry. We pushed some updates and wondering if this fixed it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but the problem has not been fixed. Transition 1-0 is ok, 0-1 need a browser refresh

We pushed another update for this if you could check and let us know if fixed, thank you!