All widgets update except the button widget(ESP8266)

Hi all

I have a project running a hydroponic system. It runs by a timer, but I can also turn it on with button widgets.

Now, all my widgets except the button widgets update nicely every 10 sec, when I look at it in a browser, and don’t click the buttons. The button widget (can only be on or off) only gets updated, if I refresh the browser.
Is that how it is, or can that be fixed in the code ?
I have attached two screendumps that shows the setup before and after i refresh the brower.
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are you updating the button state from the code, then this is not supported and wont work.

Yes, i am. And you see, that the button state is updated, but only shows after updating the browser.

I have tryed virtualWrite in both the cayenne.loop () and in CAYENNE_OUT.