[RESOLVED] ESP8266 chart data Widget not updating (only on WEB Dashboard)

i’m using ESP-01 with Arduino IDE
i’m on Cayenne WEB & ANDROID dashboard

i don’t found RESOLVED “chart data not updating” so i open new one :

Problem : Only the “Chart temperature widget” on WEB Dashboard, don’t updating data !
The other widget show all data, even on Android Dashboard “Chart temperature widget” .
i reset board, refresh Chrome (F5), Close /Open Cayenne… No updating !?

I’ve done some testing to reproduce this this, and I can – I think it is an issue with Custom Line Chart Widgets on MQTT devices on our end, nothing wrong in your code.

In my test, it looks like Line Chart widgets created via Add New > Device / Widget > Custom Widgets > Line Chart have this issue, while the widgets auto-created via an MQTT data publish and then accepted on the dashboard do not. This should allow a workaround, at least.

Try changing the ‘Channel 3’ widget via its settings dialog to Line Chart type. Then change the ‘ch3’ widget (the one with no data in the graph) to a Value or Gauge type. That should allow you to see the same data twice on your dashboard, both as value and chart, without any broken chart.

I’ll get the bug logged with our dev team, thank you for the detailed screenshots and information! :slight_smile:

I only could change the icon of the widget. i couldn’t change “the widget”

EDIT : i could change “widget type” only on ANDROID Dashboard" … ch3 and channel3 are inverted Widget BUT result is same : Line Chart Type say “No data” in WEB Dashboard !!

Something is wrong with this widget then – it should have a ‘Choose Widget’ menu like:

I would suggest to remove it from your dashboard on web, then wait until your device makes a new publish event on that channel. This will cause Cayenne to auto create a new green temporary widget like this:


which you can then add to your dashboard and (in theory) change to a Line Chart type to use my workaround above.

Hi @rsiegel, i do what you say :

1/ i deleted all temperature widget

defaut widget channel 3



no data after transform

No data after change to Line Chart (always)
NOTE : in Arduino Dashboard it’s OK !!

EDIT : For a moment i’ve got 2 linear Chart Widget !!?? 1st : “No Data” and 2nd : display data.
I delete the first (no data) and keep 2nd : working good now.
I don’t understand why 2 widget appears ?
Conflict with Arduino Dashboard on which I tinkered at the same time?

linera chart ok
It appears offline but I usually with Cayenne lol

Hi Guys,

Chiming in to say I´m having the exact same issue here!

Same channel (10), Value widget is working fine, Line Chart: No Data.
I waited a couple of hours to see if it needed to gather some data before showing the chart, but apparently it is not working. Tried it in the “Device” view, and in the “Project” view, , created a new client_id, but same results.

Board: NodeMCU ESP8266 v1


Just wanted to say that as from today, everytihing seems to be working fine again!
Value widgets + Line charts on several channels.
(Crossing fingers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


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Good news, have you delete and re-created widget ? Or … ?

Hi there!

Yeah, at some point I was a bit lost and desperate :laughing:
so I deleted everything on both Device view and Project view.
Extreme Makeover Cayenne Edition.

Added Value widgets, and then the Line Charts. Line charts don’t work immediately (at least in my experience) Woke up next morning and the graphs were beautifully working. :smiley: