3 Ideas (temp/pwm/eventkeys)

I have 3 ideas:
• PWM GPIO Output Pins
• Option to switch to °C
• More “Eventkeys” for example swichting a GPIO-Port to HIGH, if the Temp exceeded a certain level.

(for iOS :wink: )

HI @neomasters.andy,

Welcome to the Cayenne community.

  • We have not integrated Cayenne with PWM GPIO pins, as work around you’ll have to use PWM driver, like the PCA9685.

  • You should see option to switch to Celsius in the widget settings (click the cog wheel in right corner of a widget).

  • You can create a trigger on a widget that is connected to whatever GPIO-port. We use ON / OFF instead of HIGH / LOW in the wording.

Did this help?



thank you for the fast reply.

Isn’t it possible to switch a port in PWM Mode? Only want to dimm a LED and don’t want to use extra Hardware…

There is no option to switch by using the cog wheel of temp.
if i could past an image, you would Trust me :wink: maybe not at iOS?

I don’t want to act something causing a port. It should be cause by temp. Now I can chose to do something by power off/On device for example. Could you add the option temp with a value?

Just to say I would support inclusion, development of GPIO Pin PWM / or Servo etc as this is done in quite a few learning platforms. Some consider the ‘Pi Jitter’ due to processing to be an issue but I have found that on simple systems like Scratch GPIO the stability of multi servo channels etc is excellent. Agree that being able to direct modulate PWM etc with no additional hardware would be great.
~ Andrew

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