Cayenne Pro version

I would gladly pay $100 or more for a pro version that was geared to dummies like me with expanded sensors to choose from as in-app purchase. Maybe submit a sensor to add etc., I have no idea how to write a driver or where to go to learn

U dont need pay for this, @wmontg5988

Bro, lets go study

I have full knowledge of creating widgets and triggers and scheduling for my raspberry PI using cayenne. Problem is, I have piles of sensors and fets for pwm and none are in your list of available devices. I am building a solar panel system at the house in the Philippines and want to control and monitor certain systems. One such idea is to vary the cooling fan speed following Tempurature, but not sure how to use available Tempurature sensors, thru cayenne. Learning curve for me is sort of wacky since serving in desert storm. I will keep trying and waiting.

If you use Arduino, you can add any device, any sensor

Coding is an issue for me. Brain injury desert storm makes it tough to retain info. Tried arduino but to no avail. Thanks tho