Monitor Input? Change C to F?

Just getting started with Cayenne. The library of devices is great. But what about just a plain generic input to monitor a dry contact? Surely I’m not the only one that wants to have a widget and create events with a simple switch closure?

And what about changing the temp display from C to F? I can’t be the only user in the USA?

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You can add a ‘Generic Widget’ by typing the word ‘digital’ into the search bar when adding a device. You can also switch the units by going to the settings of your specific widget. It’s the cog wheel. Hope this helps!


P.S. you can reference this post, @ian gave a great pic on how to do this.


This applies to any added on temp sensors like DS18B20, BMP180, TMP36, etc. But I believe the processor temp, labeled simply RPI still does not have the option to change units. I’m guessing it’s simply a data dump of the vcgencmd measure_temp command.


Yes I was trying to change the RPi CPU temp from C to F but that option is not available.
My DS18B20 does have the option to change the display however.

Silly me, I found it! I must have been asleep last night because I thought it said Digital Output. But this morning with both eyes open it says Digital Input! :slight_smile:


I had a feeling that was the case. For weeks around here our international friends were very vocal (rightfully so) because there was no option besides °F for all the add on devices. Fortunately that has all been sorted out. I don’t mind the CPU being in °C, because most of the discussions I have read reference the RPi limits in °C.

There is one of each- digital output is under actuators, and digital input is under sensors. Don’t feel bad, forever I was missing out on a lot of sensors because I didn’t scroll down!

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