5 Pi's running on Cayenne


I finally have all the Pi’s playing nice. I can’t wait for the weekend to see what I can break!
@tdeleanu Thanks!



How do you add an additional Pi to the same user account ???



Welcome to the Cayenne community!

Great question! I can help you with the web and Android screens to get this done, we may need to consult with others for iOS help.

From the web dashboard select-

Add new…> Device > Micro Computer > Raspberry Pi > Generate new RaspberryPi installer

This will give you two options, Download Installer or the two command line entrys. I like the command line route.

Although I haven’t done an Android install since it was in beta, I don’t think it has changed. As long as the new RPi is on the same network as your Android device it should show up on the Devices screen with the Generic name of Raspberry Pi, the IP, and an Install button.

Hope this helps,