Control buttons using the app (IOS)


After updating the iOS application to version 2.3.2, the buttons stopped working. (reboot, shutdown, etc)


we are looking into this issue. will update once we an update for this.


Tha same problem happened with me


we have a fix for this issue and will have a new build release by end of this week.


Thank you very much for your interests in my problem,

We are waiting for the new release


@ahed.albadin @Alex_Gorr can you update to new app version and try using the actuator.


Actuators earned, but do not work correctly. The command to turn on is executed, but the command to turn off is not.


@Alex_Gorr can you direct message me your email_id.


Thanks, I’ve updated the app and it works now

Can you add mobile notification to sensors, not just a message of an email.

For example when a digital sensor activate the mobile make sound.


we dont support this but you can send a SMS notification to your mobile.