Adding ADS1115 on Arduino

i’m trying to add the ADS1115 ADC. NO extensions will allow “Select Device”.
how can i move forward?
thanks in advanced.

What device are you trying to add it to?

Hello @maleche1,
Can you give more information about the wiring scheme ?

The ads1115

Can you post a screen shot of the error please?

No error, just that the device selection is not available

Hey @maleche1,

Is the device you’re trying to add this extension to a Raspberry Pi? If so, can you share the output from

uname -a

with us?


Still have the error? Can you post your source code here? Thank you

You can’t add extensions to an Arduino device like you would with a Rasberry Pi. You will have to make the code to read the ads1115 and then send those values back to the dashboard. As @ognqn.chikov said, can you post the code you have so far?

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These extensions only work for Pi?Why not Arduino?

It will work, you just can’t add an extension that way for Arduino. You must come up with the code to read the channels on the ADS1115 and then send those values back to the dashboard via virtual pins

That’s what I thought. I will try to work this out when i get a chance. Thanks Adam!

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Good luck @maleche1!

If you create a project, let us know about it in our ‘Projects Made with Cayenne’ category :slight_smile:


Finally got around to working on this problem which still remains.
I have an active project and Arduino.
Is it true that the Extension only work for Raspberry Pi and not Arduino?
see attached picture. When selecting Extensions\ADS1115, the “Select Device” is disabled, and when hovering the mouse over that field, it shows a small red circle with a line and “select device” next to it.
The ADS1115 is I2C based so no analog pin or Virtual Pin can be assigned.
The DS18S20 Temperature sensor works great! (one wire protocol)
Since the Select Device is disabled (?), i am unable to add code to show you folks who were asking.
How do I enable the Select Device for Arduino?

Hi @maleche1, sorry you didn’t get a quicker response here.

Basically the answer is that you don’t need to add the extension to Cayenne since you’re not using a Raspberry Pi. That extension menu just allows our Raspberry Pi agent software to interface with the ADS1115 so it can provide its pins as a connectivity option when adding other widgets.

What I would do is take the problem out of Cayenne for a moment. Get the ADS1115 working in an Arduino sketch and just printing its values to the Serial Monitor. I found this library for that on the Adafruit site: Adafruit_ADS1X15/examples at master · adafruit/Adafruit_ADS1X15 · GitHub

Once you have the values output in your code, then you can create custom widgets in Cayenne where you can use virtualWrite() to populate them on Cayenne virtual pins, we can help you with that part of course.