Adding device/widgets to my raspberrypi

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to this, I just want to add a analog to digital converter to my raspberrypi4 and then a Photoresistor, but those options seem unavailable. when I select the device, the “add device” stays gray and I cant select anything
Is this option unavailable for raspberry4? I’ve seen someone do it on YouTube doing it.
I can only seem to select a couple of basic widgets/devices

Hi Mathijs,

DIfficult to help you with the info you gave :slight_smile:

What ADC are you using and also what photoresistor are you using ? Also, simple circuit diagram might also help. Just to have a baseline, what is your level in terms of Raspberry ?

you will need to use a plugin

hi i am using cayenne via raspberry pi 3b and i really need to put servo motor but it is disabled or grayed.any help please

have a look at this Servo

do i really need to add pca9685 to my hardware components to run a servo? or can i just use a mqtt? thank you

do not post same question on different topic.