Adding more sensors question

Hi Shramik
Maybe if I say it like this.
In the GPIO tab, Pin 20 (which is connected to a relay) is showing HIGH at the moment. And if I click on it and change the “value” to LOW, and then go to the overview page and turn the relay on and off a few times with my widget, it works just the same as when it was set to HIGH. It has no effect on what I am doing if it is HIGH or LOW and I’m curious as to why. Does this make sense ?

i still dont have clear image about this but is this what you are asking:

  1. You have relay connected to pin 20 which is in HIGH position.
  2. Change it to Low.
  3. Go to overview page.
  4. change it On and OFF which is same as HIGH (on) and low (off).

so what is the issue here?

If pin 20 is LOW, then going to the overview page and turning it on / off it still stays low. If its HIGH and then go to the overview page, it still stays high. And yes if I toggle it from HIGH and LOW on the GPIO page, it has the same effect as turning it on and off from the overview page.

I was expecting that if I turn it on and off from the overview page, the status would also change from HIGH and LOW on the GPIO page and that doesnr seem to happen although it works fine.
Hope this makes sense

Also my triggers are running ok, but tonight I am not getting a prompt to my email address. And all seems ok at this end. Any idea what it could be.

okay, i got it.

  1. when you change the relay state on overview page, the changed state is not shown on GPIO tab.
  2. But when the change is made on the GPIO Tab, it is shown correctly on the overview page.
    will take note of issue 1 and will have it fixed.

Regarding your trigger issue, check your trigger counter and see if it is incrementing or not.

Hi Shramik
Ah, right got it now with the GPIO’s, thanks.
Trigger counter,its showing the time and date when I set it up and incrementally when its triggered. And, it does trigger the relays I have set it up for it to trigger, it just doesnt send the email. I have tried setting up various triggers on different GIPO pins to trigger different relays and they all work, but none send any email messages.
Could be this anything to do with replacing my 8 module relay board with a 4 relay board as I just disconnected the 8 channel one and connect up the 4 channel one.

Pardon me, sorry, its a 24hr clock not a 12 hour clock Duhhh (still learning). No its not triggering

Well its activating my relays, but not emailing

Sorry, I have been giving you the info on the window with the pencil, “edit”. I see there is a counter at the side of that, and yes that seems to be showing its been triggered.

can you private message me your emai_id used to login into cayenne.