Adeunis Dry Contact Sensor Payload

Hi There,

I am pushing data from an Adeunis Dry Contact Sensor using The Things Network integration to Cayenne my Devices. Can you advise if the payload is being decoded correctly, as the Digital 1 and SNR channels appear to be mixed up?

Also, can you confirm what the channel numbers (found in the widget settings) should be for each part of the sensor payload (Battery, RSSI, SNR, Digital 1, Digital 2, Digital 3, Digital 4).

Thanks for your help. Steven

can you private message me your email_id and DevEUI to check the payload received.

Dear Sharamik,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am working with a client to create a LoRa network (14 Adeunis sensors and 4 DecentLab sensors) using Cayenne

as a means to visualise the sensor data.

I am using my clients myDevices/Cayenne account email which is
Below are the DEVEUI of three similar Adeunis sensors which are showing different things on Cayenne. I’ve included snapshots

from Cayenne as an aid.

DEVEUI: xxxxx (Digital 1 channel status shown but container is for SNR with Decibels as the unit)

DEVEUI: xxxxx (All appears to be OK here except that SNR is not shown at all).

DEVEUI: xxxx (SNR value shown but no sign of Digital 1 container or value).

I would be really interested to know what “channel” each of the bits of data is assigned to. For example in the Cayenne settings

is “Channel 101” SNR or Digital 1?

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Dont share your personal info in public post. i asked you to send it as private message,
I have taken note of them, will check it out.

Noted. Thanks for taking out the personal detail and for looking into this. Steven.

the issue is fixed now. can you delete the the digital 1 and SNR widget which are jumbled and it will repopulate the new digital 1 and SNR widget.

Many thanks. I’ll check the fix as soon as I can. Regards, Steven.

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Hello Shramik,

The sensor SNR and Digital 1 widgets now populate correctly. Thanks for your quick help with that.

As a matter of interest, is it possible to format the display any further? For example to invert the value of a digital 0/1 type display?

When the sensor in question is configured as a 4-channel input, shorting an input signal to the “GND” terminal (to mimic a signal being turned off), results in a “1” being displayed on Cayenne whereas if the signal is driven high (to mimic a signal being turned on), Cayenne displays “0”. It would be really useful to be able to invert/flip the display.

Thanks for your support.

what are this connected to?

24V DC control signals for such things as controlling liquid pumps and valves. Thanks.

will check it out and see if it is possible.