Add Chinastar Parking Lot Sensor


I have tryed both samples off the collections with add a new device here in Cayenne, with no result’s. Is there a way to see off the data is comming in to Cayenne?

The device’s or online in TTN (With changes or time) i got a message (Payload)
have set the intergration with Cayenne.
In Cayenne I have setup the devices, as I use all so other device’s (what is working)

But I don’t get any data availble in the dashboard, even I don’t see the whole payload soe where here.

Can some body advice me about this.



can you private message me the DevEUI.

I don’t see If I all ready have send you the key:

But Maybee I all ready told that I have 5 off them to build a POC.
And this is the first one off five.

Let us see if we get this working

Did you enyoy the Christmas days, now futher to the last days off 2020



what is the payload received at TTN?
the payload received at our end is AQIBAO8HHACmszIBcABkAND////B/6f/oP9HAAAAhP8AAAAAm8s= ===>base64 or
01 02 01 00 ef 07 1c 00 a6 b3 32 01 70 00 64 00 d0 ff ff ff c1 ff a7 ff a0 ff 47 00 00 00 84 ff 00 00 00 00 9b cb. ===> hex

In docs the first byte is the header and should be a fixed value FA

Hello Sharmik,

From the payload what I get is exact what you also got:


And that is also the info I got from the manufactor, I have a sheet of them for some “recalc” off the data (description) I will include that.

In this sheet is the description off the payload and this is also what I get/got form the live data on this moment.

Do you have a TTN account then I can make you read owner of this device so you can look by your self

You say from documentation “the first byte is the header and should be a fixed value FA”

Is that documentation off the manufactor or off your’s off Cayenne :blush:

I see in the cayenne device libary two device’s off them, or they the same or different, and how is the manufactor/mantainer off these?

From me again many thanks to support to this on this moment

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Johan Wijngaard

(Attachment CS-iTVP-05 Payload.xlsx is missing)

The docs are submitted by the manufacture and depending on it we decode the payload. Can you private message me the docs you have.