Adeunis Field Test Device via Actility

Hi there
I have added an Adeunis Field Test Device to an Actility Network and added the endpoint to the mydevices platform ( I added the device to my myDevices account and I can see the device in the list correctly (with Accelerometer, Battery, GPS, …). Now if I create a project and want to drag and drop the device into it, I get the popup to select what data should be displayed. After I selected what I want, the device data does not appear in my project page though. I tried this with both IE and Chrome, same issue. Did anyone experience such a problem already?


Hi @marcschaer,

Glad you got the Adeunis Field Test Device working with Actility!

Hmm, I haven’t experience this, but we’ll look into it! As a potential work-around, can you try dragging the individual sensors in the left side panel directly into your project view?


Dragging the individual sensors like accelero, temperatore, button, GPS, … also is not working. Are you receiving the data from my device correctly at your end (my account: Marc Schaer)?

I’m thinking it might be best to do a video screen share here to get your device working and troubleshoot any issues on network setup side too. Do you have time this upcoming Monday, Nov. 28th? @croczey will likely join us.


I am available today after 18:00 CET.