Adeunis Demonstrator V1.0 with Actility Thingpark Unable to see data on Cayenne

Hi, I have setup an Adeunis RF demonstrator as a device on a Cisco IXM LoRaWAN gateway using Actility Thingpark enterprise network server (this is NOT thingpark wireless standard but a smaller edition).

Everything looks fine, the data is reaching the network server, I am able to use the inbuilt decoder on wireless logger to see the temperature value etc. I then publish this data to two different destinations and mydevices cayenne)

In the case of (I am able to see that the data is routed to the correct URL) - you can view the data here also that is posted from the NS @ - Debug all the POST requests

In the case of cayenne (I am posting with this URL), however when i goto add the device on cayenne, under actility it requires me to select pre-determined thingpark server/email/password, when all i need is to enter the DEVEUI only. I can find the options i need under other NS options such as acklio, but the data seems to not be displayed

anyway to debug all the raw traffic sent to cayenne from a given DEVEUI?

you will have first add the device to cayenne, so as to view the data in cayenne DB.
Have a look at the docs Cayenne Docs

Hi, maybe my question was not clear. I am using a version of thingpark called thingpark enterprise, which essentially doesnt have the parameters asked by cayenne when i select network server as actility and adeunis rf demonstrator. I get asked to enter information which i do not have

In specific there is no thinpark server/username/password etc applicable unlike in the case of the thingpark wireless

However when i add with say a different network server e.g. acklio and select the same adeunis RF tester, I see the option to add DEVEUI only without server url/username/password

Hence why i used to validate that i am indeed posting out the information to the application (which

this version thinkpark is not supported by cayenne