Adeunis RF device is not showing on Map. GPS data is notshowing


Dear Forum Members,

I have added Adeunis RF device to Cayenne, My data is coming from Loriot server, But i am not able to see anything on the Map. My device is configured properly with GPS.



Hey @ra1

Please DM me your DevEUI and I’ll have a look at the logs.

Just to be sure:

Are you sure that you forwarding the data from Loriot to Cayenne?

If so, Are you seeing other data from the device?

Thanks for using Cayenne!



Hi Croczey,

DEV EUI 00-18-B2-00-00-00-14-10
APP ID BE-7A-08-A1




The expected position should be around 55.646081, 12.149101 this coordinates




So I did a little deeper digging. Here are some explanations of the hex data we are receiving from the device

Hex String: 6bbf1031f2ceafec50237d6b6415b09d5c

GPS == null

Hex String: 016f84cfbc1da2b2ccd93e0a4ed96969ee

GPS == null

Hex String: b8eb1bdbe9095ea80835edffb997672fb2

GPS == -23.3748333, -651.3471667, (invalid??)

So, from the first two strings above, the device is telling us that it does not have any GPS data to send. The 3rd data string shows GPS coordinates that land in the middle of the ocean somewhere. So, my best guess is that the device is in fact struggling to gain GPS coordinates.

If you are not already, try taking the device outdoors or placing it by a window.

I’ll keep an eye on the logs and see if I can gather anymore information.




Hi Carmin,
I dont have the device with me now, it is in office i will check that tomorrow morning


Device showing correct coordinates on the display.
I am attaching screen shot from the device, please check it once.