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I have a LoRaWAN network setup with Loriot. I managed to connect the devices and send data to cayenne.

The data from the node is Geolocation, temperature, voltage. But the widgets created on cayenne doesn’t seem to display the right information.

Any idea how I can correctly parse the payload data?


I also use Loriot. I connected an Adeunis FTD device to Cayenne. The current temperature seems ok, but the history of temperatures is not working… The battery level is NOK (always displays 100% untill the device runs out of battery…)
Furthermore, I can’t add any customized widget. Cayenne would not let me attach a device to it…
Last, the device doesn’t appear in the mobile iOS app…

I’ve got the Adeunis FTD too. Do you get accurate GPS and accelerometer readings?

Hey, everyone, my name is Camrin and I work with our LoRa device integrations for Cayenne!

Thanks for pointing out these bugs in our Field Test Device decoder, we will look into the issues and see if we can find the problem.

Because this is the Beta release of our LoRa integration, we are still working to improve the way we decode the payload coming from the LoRa device. Therefore, in the coming weeks, we will be releasing updates that greatly improve the accuracy of the data shown on the dashboard.

As for the historical data problem that you are seeing, I need some more information:

  1. How long has the device been connected?
  2. How often is the device configured to send data? (every 5 seconds? every minute? every day?)

We will start there and see what we can do!

Thanks for using Cayenne!


Hi Camrin,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

I’m seeing the same problems as

The device is connected for over an hour.
And transmit frequency is once every 10 mins.

Looking forward to the updates and next releases :slight_smile:


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maybe my topic fits here:

Good evening,
I work on the network lora. I have a gateway kerlink iot station 868. the part between end device and loriot is done, but the graph is not understandable.I think so to link loriot with cayenne.une page of map s’ Poster but, I am looking for aquier temperature is another information on a Graphchart. How should I do?