Wrong GPS Data Lobaro


i use a Lobaro GPS tracker and send the data trough loriot to Cayenne.
In the loriot platform the GPS data is right (54.07xxx,9.96xxx) but in Cayenne it show me wrong (540.7xxx,99.6xxx).
Please fix this problem.

Thank you for your help!

Is this device currently connected to Cayenne? Can you send me the DevEUI for it, either here or via a direct message? Also, can you get example payload data from Loriot that has the GPS coordinates? That might help track down the issue as well. Thanks.

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The device is currently connected to cayenne with DevEUI: 0004A30B00043B5A
The payload data from loriot with gps coordinates are 00 55 0c 29 00 52 81 c0 00 0f 33 6a ff f8 a9 03 06

I hope thats are the right datas. If not, please answer.

I´ve found the mistake.

The factor by the longitude an latitude is 100.000 (page 14 of the user manual).

Cayenne use a factor 10.000.

Can you fix it?

The Lobaro GPS decoder has been updated. Please let me know if that fixed your issue.


now the data is in the right format.
But it doesnt show it in the overview (tracking google map).
I think the problem is, that channel 5 is used twice in your data format (GPS and Batterie Level)

Dear regards Oliver

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Good catch on the channel issue. I’ve updated the codec with that change. You may need to delete the current GPS widget since a new one should now show up.