Adjustible time trigger for downloading data

Hi all,

i need the trigger which saves the data each xx minute/hour/day to my computer. Is that possible? If it’s not, This is a good opportunity for developers :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Hello, I think that is not implemented right now, but you can make something like:

Attach a button to a virtual pin, then write a file that maintain the state of the virtual pin and if it is 1, then go and download the data. After that you can make a schedule which day and in which hour this button to be ON.


i’ll try this :slight_smile: thanks in advance!!

Very good. Can you return feedback after that :slight_smile:

i can’t do that :frowning: . i added button, scheduled hourly but when i triggered if button is open, i can’t modify “then notify” module. what should i do?

Sorry sir, but I don’t understand. Can you explain it more ?

I couldn’t apply your suggestion. i guess i am newbie for cayenne app :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. You can read here more about virtual pins: Cayenne Docs
My idea is to control a code behind this button that is taking the state from the virtual pin and download your data with a command. I have never try this but I think that it will work!

thanks for advice :slight_smile: