Any thoughts on OTA, Trigger, Schedule,DataLogging?

Hi Everyone,

Really liking the Cayenne cloud offering & excellent community support. Would like to seek some guidance on following things for my prototype using WeMos D1 Mini R2 (Arduino compatible & has ESP8266-12E). Already added it to Cayenne & seeing data as well. I would like to achieve :

  • Over The Air (OTA) Updates : I knew that ESP does support it but how to achieve it with Cayenne ?
  • Trigger : Would like to use button widget to call a function in firmware on MCU to get new reading on demand basis, any references/recommendations ?
  • Schedule : I have sketch for battery reading & sensor data but would like to schedule battery monitoring & sensor readings. Is it supported for Arduino MCUs & possible ?
  • Data Logging : Once the data is Cayenne cloud, I would like to push it to Azure/AWS. Can I do that as part of scheduled trigger like every hour ?

Not sure if some on these can be achieved with any APIs from Cayenne.


Guys…any inputs on these at least like not possible with Cayenne or expected as new feature in near future ?



Sorry for the late response. We’ve done two releases in the last week so we’ve been very busy!

  • We currently do OTA updates for Raspberry Pi. What specifically are you looking to do with ESP? It will be great for us to know you use case as we look to develop this feature.
  • I have not seen on-demand basis for sensor reading come up in the forum yet…I like this idea though! Currently Cayenne will update sensor readings by default every 5-10 seconds I believe.

You mean schedule the sensor readings to come in a specified times/intervals? For example, everyday at 3:00pm? Or every 4 hours? No possible right now, but this is definitely on our roadmap.

This will be possible in future, definitely.

These are all GREAT ideas that Cayenne will be able to meet :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing these!


@bestes…Thanks for your response & acknowledging the ideas.

OTA - I would like to trigger OTA from Cayenne cloud once my device is added so that I don’t have run another webserver on MCU as Cayenne is already running one for interaction with cloud ?