ADS1115 in greenhouse

Can i use this to monitor soli moisture ?

Of course you can, however, you will also need moisture sensors to connect to it.

I recommend you go with the capacitive moisture sensors as the conductive ones will give you issues over time.

Something like this will work great with the ADS1115.


I yesterday test this I connect +3,3V , GND and analog out to ADS analog in.

But without luck. How do I know that it works ads1115 ? sudo i2cdetect -y 1 from console, i see address 48. Working.

First thing you should do is test that the ADS1115 is working. Put 3.3 or 5V on the analog input pin, then to ground. If you don’t see a change in Cayenne, the problem is either with your ADC or Cayenne driver.

Also search here for the ADS1115, some guys were having issues with the driver not being reliable. I could try and fix the driver, but I do not have an ADS1115 board at the moment.



3,3V to analog input? I try after.

Yes, that should do it. You are just looking for a toggle from what you are currently seeing to verify that Cayenne is actually showing the real reading.

I’ve read where people have deleted their ADS1115 from the dashboard, rebooted, then re-added and it has worked, and I’ve read that even though you can detect it with i2cdetect, it is not responding in the dashboard… and then I’ve seen where guys have had to try another module because the original one wasn’t working.

Good luck.


ADS working but how to with moisture sensor? I do not know. How i delete this ads ?

So now measure your moisture sensor by connecting power and ground and then measuring the analog out with a voltmeter while dipping sensor legs into soil/water. You should see a toggle there too. Otherwise your sensor is foo bar.

Are you sure you aren’t using the digital output?

I connect moisture sensor from analog output.

You want to disconnect the moisture sensor and test it independently of the ADS1115.

Power the moisture sensor, and then connect the sensor output to a voltmeter, and see if you get a difference in output voltage depending on if you have moisture present or not.


I tomorrow try this.

Hi Seston,

Were you able to get the moisture sensor working?


Not with Cayenne. I use for this Mysensors node and Domoticz.