Soil moisture sensor, Raspberry Pi, and ADS1115

Hello, I have connected a ADS1115 to the Raspberry Pi 3 to be able to read an analog soil moisture sensor. On the tutorial page it shows the ADS1115 connected to the 5 volt pin for power is this correct or should it be on the 3.3 volt pin? I’am also using the generic analog input to read the sensor, which would be the best unit for sensor readings? I was also wondering if anyone else has used the resistance soil sensor an had problems with them corroding quickly? Im currently using the SparkFun SEN-13637.


Yes, you will want to use 5v for power, take a look at this diagram:

What do you mean generic analog input?

I have one of these but haven’t used it yet so can’t comment on how long they last.

Hello, I was a little mixed up on the sensor part so it would be added by Generic sensor --Analog input?

Yep, generic analog input will be fine.