Farm automation

Hi eveyone I’m trying to connect the soil moisture sensor with Raspberry pi 3 type B
and get the read in my cayenne platform . Can anyone help me with the programming
method and the connecting method.
NOT:can i do that without plugging ADS

maybe this Soil Moisture Sensor (Raspberry Pi) : 4 Steps - Instructables

this program gives me only two values 0,1 and ined to get varable values

then you have to use ADC.

thank you .if i get ADS can you show me how to program it with cayenne platform

which ADS do you have? you can add it to your pi agent using plugins GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-mcp3xxx: An MCP3XXX extension plugin for Cayenne

than you

i also want to know how to control relay module using cayenne platform

I want to know if I can use ADC 0804 or 0808 instead of mcp3xxx
because i could not find one . and how to use it with cayenne.

you can create your own plugin for this particular extension.

what difficulty are you having with cayenne?

how can I create my own plugin for this particular extension

Do you have any specific requirement compelling you to choose a raspberry pi? I would love to try esp32, nodemcu or even a simple Arduino if I were you. With these devices, you do not require a dedicated ADC for measuring analogue signals. However, if you want to stick with raspberry-pi, as @shramik_salgaonkar already made it clear, you definitely need an ADC. By reading your comments, I reckon your problems are more generic and related to wiring hardware. If you are interested in buying a decent ADC, have a look at ADS1015. It is 12 bits ADC and is more suitable to use than the one you suggested (ADC 0804) which is only 8-bits.
Your ADC0804 must have an SPI interface. You can drive an SPI bus using a python script to get values from your ADC. I don’t have an ADC0804 so I can test it for you.


yup, i agree with @Sahar, you can just go with an arduino and connect the moisture sensor to it.