Advanced scheduling

Just started using Cayenne – great stuff.

I run a circulation pump on my warm tap water. From Monday to Friday I run one schedule and for weekend day a second schedule. Also during holidays, I run the weekend schedule.

I would like to see the scheduling system supporting this.

Now I can choose daily, weekly and so on. I would be great if I could choose Mondays, Tuesday…… or Monday-Friday and weekends.

Also having several schedules to choose between by disabling or enabling without deleting would be nice.

Welcome to the Cayenne Community @Craftbrewer. Now I have to ask if you’re making any hoppy IPA’s :smile:

I know, that’s very 2013 – but I like 'em anyway, I won’t apologize.

As far as the scheduler, we do have plans to add individual days of week as a scheduling option already on our roadmap – appreciate the extra voice behind it as we’re always looking to develop to community demand. I don’t know that we’d specifically considered disable switches for the scheduler events, but it makes sense to me. We already have that feature in our Triggers UI, so why not allow it for scheduler as well?


Thanks for listening to our wishes.

And, I do brew IPAs occasionally, but I prefer its cousin, the APA, and alway try to have something on tap.