Calendar. Cloud Only? [Schedule is saved locally]


I have 4 water valves currently connected. They are turning ON and OFF following a cayenne calendar. Question: if the PI loses connectivity to the web, will I risk leaving a valve ON? Or potentially not watering my plants? Can the schedule be synchronized locally to the PI in case problems with the Cayenne server arise?
Relying on the cloud is a good thing, but local syncs to schedules and other critical functions are a must.

Great project BTW. Very easy and intuitive.



Hey Hector,

We made the Scheduling feature with this in mind. Once the schedule is created, it is stored locally and the actions will be carried out regardless of internet connection.

Any updates/changes to the schedule get sent to cloud, then passed to Pi, where the changes / updates now are held locally until another update/change is made from cloud. This make sense?

The 4 water valves sounds pretty cool, and a great example of Cayenne scheduling. If you have some time, can you post some screenshots of how you are using Pi with the water valves to the ‘Projects Made with Cayenne’ section? Some pics of the valves would be cool too.




Changing this topic to FAQ :slight_smile: