Scheduling Enhancements

I am new to myDevices Cayenne and have a couple of queries relating to scheduling.

To put in context, I am intending to link my central heating boiler to a Raspberry Pi.

I would like to set up a “Timer” function. As far as I can tell, this would involve setting up multiple schedule actions to “Turn on” and “Turn off”.

Question 1 - is it possible to edit my scheduled events in batch (maybe in a text file) rather than one at a time through the dashboard? In the real world, my timer was set to go on and off in 15 minute intervals at various points during the day.

Question 2 - once my schedule has been set up, is it possible to disable (not delete) it. I don’t want my heating coming on in summer but don’t want to have to set up the schedule each winter.

Question 3 - related to question 2. Is it possible to conditionally run the scheduled event? e.g. if Button A is pressed then run Scheduled Event 1, otherwise take no action.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.


Hi @wayne.odonnell, welcome to the Cayenne Community, we’re glad to have you on the platform.

  1. Batch editing of scheduled events isn’t available right now, but that seems like a good feature to have and I’ll add this to our list of community requested features that we should be working on

  2. We should probably improve the Scheduling area by adding a ‘pause’ or ‘off’ button, but in the meantime, you could do this by editing the event to a recurrence of ‘Never’ once summer hits.

  3. We have a system called Triggers that might be able to help you here. Basically with triggers you can make conditional IF > THEN statements, so you could do 'IF Button A is pressed THEN turn on a switch or a relay. Triggers don’t currently offer Events as a THEN option at the moment, so you may need to rethink the solution to fit it around these. You can definitely do things like ‘IF temperature sensor reads below 65 degrees, turn on the heat’ with triggers though, and triggers have a toggle switch so you could disable them in the summer very easily.

Ideally though if you set up a heating system this way, you wouldn’t even have to toggle it off since the triggers just wouldn’t kick in in the summer (depends on your climate, I guess :slight_smile: )

I should add that we’re already planning to add timer functionality to all widgets in the near future as well.