Alert / Trigger - Continuous Alert?

Not sure if I am missing the option somewhere on the triggers but hoping someone can help clarify or point me in the right direction for what I am trying to accomplish.

I have a DS18B20 connected to a Pi with the intent of monitoring my downstairs temperature. The trigger is set to send me a text once it reaches a certain temperature. However this only notifies me once. Is there an option to continue to have it text me at a set interval until it drops back below?

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Short answer: Not possible (yet).

We released the base version of our Alerts / Triggers feature. We plan to beef it up drastically in the coming months.

This is great feedback, and by all means a valid use case. Is the following an example of what you mean?

" If temp. goes above 80 degrees F, send me notification. Keep sending notification every hour until temp. goes below 72 degrees F (and send me notification when this happens too) "

Sounds like something I’m interested in too. +1

@drunet @ats1080s I’m going to move this into the Ideas / Suggestions category so we can track it on our roadmap.


Any update on this (it’s been 18 months). Also adding a notification when the alerts is no longer valid. e.g. for temperature alerts for a chiller. Alert when above goes above 5 degrees C says it above the threshold and on going messages (user programmable delay) saying it’s still above threshold and a final message when it goes below threshold (returns to acceptable range).