Triggers failing on Notify (Text and Email)

Raspi Pi3 Model B w/ 2 DS18B20’s used to monitor internal freezer temp and external ambient temp

The triggers used to work (Text and eMail) when I hit 2 specific thresholds on the internal (freezer) sensor. They stopped working and I deleted and re-created them.

As you can see they have been triggered 0 times, however I’ve brought the freezer up to 25 on several occasions without success.

there is a bug with trigger currently and will be fixed soon.

Hi, shramiksalgaonkar,

I had re-installed cayenne to release 2 with triggers notifications ran successfully until today since 6 may 2018.
For no reason, the triggers continues to fire but unable to send out notification to my andriod phone and my email. My account is Please help and advise. Thank you Sir.

Best regards,

there seems to be some problem with triggers. will notify once all okay.

Hi Sir, Thank you for your reply.

@quekkokkeong triggers should be good now.

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Adrian Sanchezdelc & Shramik salgaonkar,

Yes, the triggers & notifications are back to normal now. Thank you very much of the helps.

Best regards,

Kok Keong, Bob

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Hi All,

The triggers and notifications failed to send again at 1531 hrs.

Please advise and help. Thanks.

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Kok Keong

trigger is working at my end. did you change anything?

Hi Shramik salgaonkar,

Yes I changed the widget labels to name description for motion sensor and digital output (Hall fan 2 DO), & also DHT22 sensor min value.

I off the DHT22 sensor trigger and notification. I turn on Cayenne at 1400 hrs SG time, trigger and notification worked, then did above changes.

Until 1531 hrs my phone no longer receiving notification.

The trigger notification ran counter is running whenever there is trigger but there is no text notification to my phone and email.

It looks strange, it is repeat problem. Cayenne account -

Please help and advise. Thank you.

Best regards,

Kok Keong

try deleting previous trigger and add new trigger.

if counter is running change sms notification to turning on a button widget. so we can rule out the problem.

Hi, Shramik salgaonkar,

I did as per your recommendation and tested it. But still the same problem. Trigger counters running and no sms and email notifications to my phone.

Please help and advise. Thanks.

Best regards,

Kok Keong

I did a fresh install of the new agent, added my sensors and now when setting up a trigger it says it’s a generic analog device and only has some step values, not the temperature values in which to set a trigger; tried various step values but they don’t coorespond to the degree’s in the selected mode (i.e. Fahrenheit)

Hi, Shramik salgaonkar,

My trigger and notifications are working now. I am monitoring , hope it is working continuously.
Thank you for your helps.

Best regards,
Kok Keong

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I can’t even create the trigger now - it doesn’t see the sensor right and has step values not temp values.

@ddoumani seems to be a bug. will get back to this once solved. can you share screenshot of the sensor widget on the dashboard working.

I’ve deleted and re-added them (discover) several times - many of the items are identified as generic.

now you can set the triggers?

no - see the previous image. It only allows a step value and not a trigger based on the temperature.

in your dashboard i can not see widget named as DS18b20.