Trigger won't stop sending emails and text messages


I am using a Raspberry Pi 3. I am using the web dashboard.

I set a trigger that goes off once the DS18B20 temperature sensor reaches 25 degrees celsius. I touched the sensor with my hand and it went above that temperature. I removed my hand and it dropped down below 25C again. I was only above 25C for about 5 second. However I kept getting emails and text notifications for about 2 minutes. It only stopped once I disabled the Trigger. Overall I received 15 text messages and 15 emails.

Another thing: The message that I received said: “Channel dev:0516c013d9ff has reached the threshhold value of 0. This is connected to 08.01 16GB Pi.”
This is a bit weird as I’d expect the channel name to be something different than that and the value I set it to was 25 and not 0.

we are aware of this trigger flooding issue and working on a fix.

Currently we do not support customisation of trigger message, but it is on cayenne roadmap.
You can try this approach to send a custom message using Webhook And IFTTT